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Alter Cycles - Classic Cycling Brand established in 2010.
This brand was created to share and express the Love and Passion we have for Cycling with the world. 
Our products focus on the combinations of classic designs, professional craftsmanship and high quality materials from Taipei, Taiwan.
We promise to provide our users the best satisfaction.
Thanks for the supports!
more info:

About SHARK Series Chainring

You might be wondering “why “SHARK” this time round Alter Cycles? “ 
Well, our new design on this new chainring is inspired by the shape of shark’s teeth which symbolize “Rebirth” and the shark fins that symbolize “Speed” and “Balance”. 
We always believe that our riders will never back down on new challenges, strong leg engines and definitely in thirst for more speed on the road all time! 


About MIDNIGHT Series cog

The “Midnight” cog is Constructed with 7075/T6 aluminum gave this art piece a super light weight of 29.2g (17T) that will definitely take your cycling experience to the next level!

Same as our SC and MM series Chainring, we have the gold details hand painted as always to make it shine and stand out from the hard anodized paint!

About PYTHON Series cog

The PYTHON cog is created with stainless steel and a strong PVD processed Titanium covering to finish off this sexy and poisoning color just like the venom of the Greek Mythology Serpent - Python! 

Well, that's not all, every pieces of the Python has a small and unique defect that symbolizes the spot where Python was shot and killed by Apollo's arrow!

About APOLLO Series Chainring

With the booming popularity of our Python series cog, we are now proud to present to you the rising of the God of Sun - Apollo!
We had gone through a long journey along with all your supports, love and passion!
Hope you guys will enjoy this classic Apollo series Gold & Black ring that we are going to present to you!

About VINYL Series Chainring

Gramophone Record is the main theme of our new VINYL series Chainring coming out pretty soon this year. Reasons why our designer chose GR as the theme? Well, we hope that we could provide an unique piece of artwork for our fellow riders which could remind them the sweet memories from cycling and continue to produce something so special that you won't be able to get from other brands. Every details consist of the spirit and passion from ALTER , designed and made with sincerity for riders who are in love with the fixed culture!

About MM Series Chainring

Mad Max series - (Out to Rebel)

This time round, we had challenged ourselves to push the light weight of our SC series chainrings to the next level with a new form of design by drilling holes crazily and irregular on the chainrings using CNC, creating the sense of Rebellion of the Fixed Gear culture!

About SC Series Chainring

Many people might be confused about why we put #‎steel_construction while it is made of 7075 Aluminum forged through CNC.

Well, Alter_Cycles SC series Chainring was inspired by the image and patterns of the Structural Steels often seen in construction worksites. Hence it was given the name SC (Steel Construction) series.

While creating this chainring, we had an idea that our product is not only a piece of bike part but also a piece of art in order to satisfy our users on both the quality and appearance of our products.

Thank you for your supports, we will present to you the best quality from Taiwan!

Alter ,all rights reserved